Welcome to CTBS! 

We live in a rapidly changing world – one in which new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way humans and machines live, work, and think together. Underlying this paradigm shift is a vast dependence upon troves of data - easier now more than ever to collect, yet their analysis still requires careful and bold theoretical reflection.

The Center for Theoretical Behavioral Sciences at UC Irvine is engaged in the pursuit of robust theories to transform the social, behavioral and information sciences to meet this challenge. As we address and advance our understanding of AI’s impact on how we understand and operate in our minds, bodies, societies, and larger environments, we need new questions. We need new theories.

CTBS is the site of this theory building. The center explores the delicate balance between data and theory focusing in particular on the interplay of consciousness and computational processes. Center collaborators and audiences are experts in computational and mathematically oriented research. They are social scientists poised to crack the next developments in artificial intelligences through new theories of intelligence, consciousness, and computation. More...


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